Peter Redder

Peter was born into a musical family in Denver, Colorado. Some of his earliest memories include listening to his father or sister play the piano while his mother sang. Beginning at age five, Peter had the opportunity to learn the piano from renowned musical educators Bernard and Carolyn Shaak. Moving to Indiana in fourth grade, he continued his musical education with Dr. Bethyne Emory, chairperson of the music department at Valparaiso University.

Peter’s singing voice had always been most comfortable in the soprano range until as a freshman at Illiana Christian High, his voice made a rapid switch to that of a low bass. Peter fell in love with choral singing in high school and that love continued into college where he joined the Calvin College Campus Choir directed by Dr. John Witvliet.

Since graduating with a B.A. in economics in 2001, Peter has had little time to devote to music, only occasionally singing in choirs or men’s choruses. In 2009 Peter began singing in a church quartet and in 2014 accepted an invitation to join The Choral Scholars. Peter has started and run several small business and partnerships. He is currently a flight instructor for the West Michigan Flight Academy where he helps disadvantaged youth build character and develop the skills and discipline necessary to finish high school and pursue a career in aviation and aerospace. Peter also serves on the board and is a flight instructor for the West Michigan Flying Club and owns and manages rental property.

In his free time, Peter enjoys cooking, photography, scuba diving, playing the piano, singing with his three daughters and traveling with his wife Emily. He is exceedingly grateful for his family’s support in his many pursuits.